ITC Limited Interview questions for Foods Division Internship with complete procedure

This post can be helpful to those who are appearing for the ITC Limited selection procedure for Internship from any college campus. More specifically, it can be directly relevant to the NIFTEM Btech or Mtech students, who are planning to sit for the summer (July-October) internship selection process for ITC Limited. The students can directly relate to themselves, as the interview questions written below, are original questions that were asked to a BTech student.

ITC Limited is an Indian conglomerate that has expanded its initial Tobacco business into different products and services.

ITC Food’s different segments are-

  1. Cigarettes
  2. FMCG ( Fast Moving Consumer Goods)
  3. Safety matches ( Aim, Homelite Ship)
  4. Paperboards and Packaging
  5. Aggarbattis ( Incense Sticks

In the FMCG, different segments are-

  1. Sunfeast ( plain biscuits, cream biscuits)
  2. Sunbean ( beaten coffee)
  3. Aashirvaad ( wheat flour)
  4. Bingo ( Snacks like potato chips )
  5. Kitchen India ( masala i.e. spices mix)
  6. Yippee Noodles
  7. B naturals ( 100% pure juice, claimed to be made up of no fruit juice concentrate)
  8. Mint-o ( menthol soothing toffees)
  9. Candyman ( range of candies)
  10. Gumon ( filled bubble gums)
  11. Wonderz milk (milk bottles containing mango pulp or other fruits)
  12. Fabelle ( Luxury chocolate)
  13. Sunfeast Farmland ( Packaged Fruits and vegetables)
  14. ITC Masterchef ( special food products for chefs, restaurants, etc.

Selection Procedure-

Step 1. Online Test ( containing Technical questions + general Aptitude)

Step 2- Personal Interview Round 1 ( technical + HR)

Step 3- Personal Interview Round 2 ( technical + HR)

Step 1. Online Test ( containing Technical questions + general Aptitude)

Technical questions mean questions related to the domain subjects like Food Engineering, Food Chemistry, Food Laws, Dairy, meat technology, food preservation, etc.

Sample Questions-

ISO 22000 is all about——————-?

FSMS deals about—————?

Nitrites and Nitrates are used for —————-in meat.

Allicin is a ——————?

Pineapple contains enzyme named——————-?
Aptitude questions mainly include time and distance questions,

Age-related reasoning questions,

English Alphabet Jumble series like if APPLE is written as DFHSK, then write PITSE as————————?

Directions questions

Paragraph questions (comprehension questions )

Ratio and Proportions and many more—————–

RESULT of online TEST- Out of 100+ students, who have given the test, 45 students got selected for Personal Interview Round 1

Step 2- Personal Interview Round 1

A panel of 2, including ( a technical person and an HR ), was interviewing the individual student one by one.

Notation for interview conversation-

HR- Human Resource person

IR-Technical Interviewer

X- Student who is being interviewed

PI round 1 starts

HR- Introduce yourself

X- I am——–, address———-; Pursuing ————, Family—————–, hobbies———

HR- Why you want to join ITC?

X- ITC Ltd is a huge company having professional management, having state of the art production process……….., There are immense possibilities of gaining experience…….
IR- You have mentioned omega-3 in your project. Elaborate the project, what does 3 in omega 3 represents?
IR- What is the general ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 used in the food industry?

X 4:1

IR- DO you know Carbohydrates?

X- Yes Sir

IR- Define and explain types.

X- Mono, di, oligo, polysaccharides, examples Glucose, Sucrose, …………….etc

IR- What are reducing sugars? Are glucose or sucrose reducing sugars or not?

X-Glucose is a reducing sugar, while Sucrose is not as the anomeric carbon of Sucrose is blocked due to closed ring formation

IR- How to check the quality of oil, ie. whether it is ready to cook or not?

X- Sir, maybe we can use thermal treatment or we can use fatty acid profiling with GC.

IR- But Fatty acid profiling will be an advanced process, tell me any general process of testing.

X- Silent…………….

IR- OK, tell me about Maillard Reaction.

X- It is a reaction between reducing sugar and the amino group to produce a brown color

IR- You have mentioned sensory attributes in your resume. What are they?

X- Sensory attributes are mainly taste, texture, flavor, smell, etc. I have published a review paper regarding sensory attributes ……………………………

IR- What are the basic tastes?

X- Bitterness, Sweetness, Sourness, Saltiness, and Umami

HR- Are you flexible with any location?

X- Yes Mam

HR- Any questions?

X- asked about projects that may be alloted to the selected students during internship

HR- described regarding this ………………..

HR- Thankyou X

IR- Thankyou

X- Thank you Sir

Few HR questions were also asked like reasons to join ITC, etc

RESULT- Almost 24 students including X were selected for Final PI round 2

Step 3- Personal Interview Round 2

PI Round 2 starts

A panel of an HR and a technical interviewer i.e. IR present.

IR- So X, quickly introduce yourself


IR- You have mentioned omega 3 in your project, describe its types

X- Omega 3 include components like EPA, DHA, ALA

IR- What is the DHA component of Omega 3? Where it is naturally found? What are the health benefits of omega 3?

X- Fish …….

IR- How you have prepared your sample?

IR- What is Freeze Drying?

X- Sir it is a process of sublimation at a pressure below the triple point of water

IR- Differentiate between Freeze drying and Vaccum Drying

X- Vaccum drying results in drying at a reduced pressure so as to decrease the boiling point

IR- Tell me about Low GI foods.

X- Sir, Low GI foods are slowly absorbed in the blood, so less chance of an abrupt increase in the blood glucose level.

IR- What are strong and weak acids, what is dissociation constant, whether inorganic acid is more acidic than organic acid or vice versa?

X- told……

IR- Tell me about dissociation constant

IR- How does pH meter work?

X-On the basis of the voltage difference between the electrodes

IR- What you have learned about the online course in Food Process Engineering from ********** College?

X- told about rheology, preservation, Newtonian, non-Newtonian, etc

IR- Favourite subject?

X- Food Analysis

IR- How to detect volatile compounds?

X- GC ( Gas Chromatography)

IR- How to detect metal ions?

X- ICP- Immuno Coupled plasma

IR- ICP is used nowadays, but how metals were checked before the inception of ICP?

X- silent……

IR- What is peroxide value?

X- Sir, it is the amount of peroxide oxygen for 1 kg of fat.

IR- Ok thanks

There were also a few HR questions in the second PI round like reason for joining ITC, reasons for choosing food technology as a core domain, what to do when two workers are quarreling in the plant location premises, tell me about emotional quotient, etc………………………….

FINAL RESULT-  X Selected.

Total 13 students were selected from 24 students

The selected candidates will be alloted projects in their alloted plants, which they will perform under their guides.

Best of Luck to you !!!!!!

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