NIFTEM-Organisational Behavior-FBM 211- End Semester Question Paper Dec 2017- 3rd Sem

NIFTEM-Organisational Behaviour-FBM 211- End Semester Question Paper Dec 2017- 3rd Sem

The information shared below is only to get a rough idea of NIFTEM’s end semester question paper pattern. However, questions proportion from the syllabus topics may vary every semester.



Important points-

  1. Time- 3:00 hours
  2. Total Marks- 100
  3. Three parts A, B & C, in which Part A is compulsory of (30 marks) having Objective questions, MCQs, Fill in the blanks and matching type questions. Students have to answer the questions from Part-A on the paper itself. Time allotted for Part-A is 40 minutes
  4. Part B & part C consists of 40 marks and 30 marks respectively. Part B- 8 questions of 5 marks each & Part C- 3 Questions of 10 marks each. Time for Part-B and C is total of 2:20 hours.





Answer any 8 questions from the following-

1. Explain Humans relations approach to Management.


2. Why the managers at the workplace are required to have a knowledge of organizational behavior?


3. Explain stereotyping error with the help of any one example.


4. Explain the Operant conditioning theory of learning.


5. Explain the relationship between group cohesiveness and group norms.


6. Explain the concept of Attribution theory.


7. Explain any one theory of Motivation.


8. Explain situational leadership in detail.


9. What are the causes of the group’s resistance to change at the workplace?.


10. How an individual’s resistance to change can be managed at the workplace?



Answer any 3 questions from the following-


1. Explain various challenges of organizational behavior keeping the current business environment in mind.


2. What is personality? What are the various determinants of personality? Explain the role of all the
possible determinants in shaping personality.


3. What is perception? Explain any 3 examples of perceptional errors.


4. Compare and contrast Maslow’s need hierarchy theory with Herzberg’s two-factor theory of


5. Explain in detail how the identification of the problem and change implementation can be
done at the workplace.

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Source- Question Papers collected by Soumen Roy

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