NIFTEM-Basic Electrical Engineering- End Semester Question Paper Dec 2019- 1st year

NIFTEM-Basic Electrical Engineering- End Semester Question Paper Dec 2019- 1st year

The information shared below is only to get a rough idea of NIFTEM’s end semester question paper pattern. However, questions proportion from the syllabus topics may vary every semester.

Important points-

  1. Time- 3:00 hours
  2. Total Marks- 100
  3. Three parts A, B & C, in which Part A is compulsory of (30 marks) having Objective questions, MCQs, Fill in the blanks and matching type questions. Students have to answer the questions from Part-A on the paper itself. Time allotted for Part-A is 40 minutes
  4. Part B & part C consists of 40 marks and 30 marks respectively. Part B- 8 questions of 5 marks each & Part C- 3 Questions of 10 marks each. Time for Part-B and C is total of 2:20 hours.


Answer any 8 questions from the following-

  1. State Thevenin’s theorem. Illustrate the applications of the theorem with reference to an appropriate electric network.
  2. When a Star connected network is transformed into a Delta connected network, show that the Resistance of an arm of delta is equal to the sum of the Star resistances connected across that arm and the product of the same two resistances divided by the third.
  3. What do you understand by real power, reactive power, and apparent power? Discuss in detail
  4. The series resonant circuit is often regarded as the Acceptor circuit, and the Parallel circuit as the Rejector Circuit. Explain.
  5. Draw and briefly explain about transformer equivalent circuit.
  6. How will you carry out the short-circuit and open-circuit test of a Transformer?
  7. Explain with suitable diagram, the working of a DC motor.
  8. Explain the construction of three-phase SQUIRREL- CAGE INDUCTION MOTOR.
  9. Mention various types of DC motor and their uses.
  10. Define Q-factor for the series resonant circuit and express it in the terms of the Circuit Parameters.


  1. What do you mean by the improvement of Power factor? Explain in detail the disadvantages of low power factor and different methods of improving the same.
  2. State and explain Norton’s theorem.
  3. Explain the working principle of DC motor and derive the E.M.F. equation for DC machine.
  4. Explain the working principle of Single Phase transformer. What is the difference between Shell type and Core type transformer?
  5. Explain the behavior of pure L and C components in A.C. circuits. Draw appropriate diagrams.
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