NIFTEM-Environmental Studies- End Semester Question Paper Dec 2019- 1st year

NIFTEM-Environmental Studies- End Semester Question Paper Dec 2019- 1st year

The information shared below is only to get a rough idea of NIFTEM’s end semester question paper pattern. However, questions proportion from the syllabus topics may vary every semester.

Important points-

  1. Time- 3:00 hours
  2. Total Marks- 100
  3. Three parts A, B & C, in which Part A is compulsory of (30 marks) having Objective questions, MCQs, Fill in the blanks and matching type questions. Students have to answer the questions from Part-A on the paper itself. Time allotted for Part-A is 40 minutes
  4. Part B & part C consists of 40 marks and 30 marks respectively. Part B- 8 questions of 5 marks each & Part C- 3 Questions of 10 marks each. Time for Part-B and C is total of 2:20 hours.


Answer any 8 questions from the following-

  1. What is the scope of Environmental Science?
  2. List the advantages of Organic Agriculture over conventional ones.
  3. List the environmental services offered by Biodiversity.
  4. An ecosystem is called a Self-regulatory and dynamic system. Why?
  5. A shorter food chain provides more energy than a longer food chain. Discuss.
  6. What is the objective of identifying Biodiversity Hotspot?
  7. Differentiate between Point and Non- Point sources of Pollution.
  8. What is the significance of Self-cleaning velocity?
  9. Define the term Sustainable Development.
  10. Write a note on- “Environmental Movement by Bishnois of Rajasthan”.


  1. Knowledge about the ENVIRONMENT is not an end, but rather a beginning. Explain.
  2. Discuss the status of India as a MEGA DIVERSE nation of Biodiversity.
  3. Enumerate two energy flow models.
  4. Explain ACID RAIN and its impact. How can we avoid it?
  5. What are the actions that could serve as solutions to the problem of DEFORESTATION?
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