NIFTEM-Introduction to Agriculture- End Semester Question Paper Jun 2017- 2nd Sem

NIFTEM-Environmental Studies- End Semester Question Paper Dec 2019- 1st year

The information shared below is only to get a rough idea of NFTEM’s end semester question paper pattern. However, questions proportion from the syllabus topics may vary every semester.



Important points-

  1. Time- 3:00 hours
  2. Total Marks- 100
  3. Three parts A, B & C, in which Part A is compulsory of (30 marks) having Objective questions, MCQs, Fill in the blanks and matching type questions. Students have to answer the questions from Part-A on the paper itself. Time allotted for Part-A is 40 minutes
  4. Part B & part C consists of 40 marks and 30 marks respectively. Part B- 8 questions of 5 marks each & Part C- 3 Questions of 10 marks each. Time for Part-B and C is total of 2:20 hours.





Answer any 8 questions from the following-

1. What is the necessity of grain storage? Describe various environmental factors influencing grain quality.


2. Define seed. Draw labeled diagram of monocot and dicot seed.


3. What is harvesting? Write the sowing and harvesting time of following crops- (a) Urdbean  (b) Mustard (c)Chickpea  (d) Groundnut


4. Describe major insect pests and diseases in the chickpea. Mention their possible control mechanism.


5. Define Plant nutrients and classify them. Enlist functions and deficiency symptoms of K and Zn.


6. What is Organic Farming? What are its major principles?


7. Describe agronomic practices used for the cultivation of the wheat crop.


8. What are soil horizons? What do you understand by physical and chemical weathering?


9. What do you understand by Agri-export zones? Explain its anticipated benefits.


10. What is the difference between a Seed and a grain? Why it is recommended to have a high quality of seed?



Answer any 3 questions from the following-

1. Describe all the practices for the cultivation of Sugarcane.


2. What is the Green Revolution? How it was started? What are the major challenges faced by agriculture as a result of the Green Revolution?


3. Describe the following Post harvest grain storage systems- (a) Bagged Storage (b) Bulk Storage (c) Hermetic storage (d) Outdoor storage


4. What are the different types of Soil found in India? Describe the properties of any two soil types.


5. Describe all the cultural practices for the cultivation of Rice.


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Source- Question Papers collected by Soumen Roy

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