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CGPDTM Food Technology Mains 2023 Complete Syllabus Free PDF Download

15-day study plan for the CGPDTM Patent Officer Exam 2023-24 focused on the Food Technology Mains syllabus:

Day 1-3: Food Chemistry and Nutrition

  • Day 1: Carbohydrates (Structure and functional properties)
  • Day 2: Proteins (Classification and structure)
  • Day 3: Lipids (Classification and structure), Pigments, Food flavors

Day 4-6: Food Chemistry and Nutrition (Continued)

  • Day 4: Enzymes (Specificity, Kinetics, and inhibition)
  • Day 5: Nutrition (Balanced diet, Essential amino acids and fatty acids)
  • Day 6: Nutrition (Vitamins, Role of minerals, Antinutrients)

Day 7-9: Food Microbiology

  • Day 7: Characteristics of microorganisms
  • Day 8: Microbial growth in food
  • Day 9: Food spoilage, Foodborne diseases, Bacterial pathogens

Day 10-12: Food Microbiology (Continued)

  • Day 10: Fermented food
  • Day 11: Review and practice questions
  • Day 12: Mock test on Food Microbiology topics

Day 13-15: Food Products Technology and Food Engineering

  • Day 13: Processing principles, Grain products processing
  • Day 14: Fruits, vegetables, and plantation products processing
  • Day 15: Milk and milk products processing, Animal products processing, Food Engineering

General Tips:

  • Allocate 2-3 hours daily for focused study.
  • Take short breaks to avoid burnout.
  • Use flashcards for key concepts and definitions.
  • Practice with previous year question papers.
  • Revise and consolidate your learning regularly.

Additional Resources:

  • Refer to textbooks and online resources for in-depth understanding.
  • Utilize the provided link for Vishal Food Tech for supplementary materials.

Remember, the key is consistent and targeted study. Adjust the plan based on your understanding of each topic. Good luck with your preparation!

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