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FSSAI CBT 2 Mains Syllabus for Central Food Safety Officer/ Technical Officer 2022

Principles of Food Preservation, Processing, and Packaging

  1. Food Processing Operations, Principles, Good Manufacturing Practices
  2. Over view of food preservation methods and their underlying principles including novel and emerging methods/principles
  3. Overview of food packaging methods and principles including novel packaging materials/techniques

Principles and Basics of Food Chemistry and their role in Human Nutrition

  1.  Structure and functions of macro-and micronutrients
  2.  Role of macro and micronutrients in human nutrition
  3.  Over view of food additives with respect to their technological functions
  4.  Over view of anti-nutritional factors and their removal from foods
  5.  Over view of enzymes as food processing aids
  6.  Over view of nutraceuticals and functions of foods
  7.  Overview of food contaminants and adulterants and their effects on human health
  8.  Food allergens and allergenicity
  9.  Importance of diet in alleviating health risks, especially non-communicable diseases

Food Microbiology & General Principles of Food Hygiene

  1. General principles of food microbiology and overview of food-borne pathogens
  2. Over view of sources of microorganisms in the food chain (raw materials, water, air, equipment, etc.) and microbiological quality of foods
  3. Microbial food spoilage and Food borne diseases
  4. General principles and techniques in the microbiological examination of foods

Books: Buy Foods Facts And Principles

by N. Shakuntala Manay (Author), M. Shadaksharaswamy (Author)

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